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Pricing your home correctly is key in todays market. You will also need to market your home to the right
potential property buyers. If you are not sure of the correct market value of your home and do not have
the means or time to sell your property yourself, you should think of hiring a nest agent to do this for you.

Choosing a real estate agent in Gran Canaria can be difficult so you might want to interview a few before
taking any decisions. At Nest, we differentiate ourselves from other real estate agencies by taking a
personal, boutique like approach. We would be happy to market your home and help you
find a buyer in the shortest time possible.



Pricing your property correctly in todays market is key. Prices fluctuate quickly, and to determine the right price for your Gran Canaria property you must take some important factors into consideration:

› Do market research of the properties that are for sale in your area. How much are the homes in your neighbourhood selling for? How long is it taking for these properties to get sold? Are these homes getting any viewings? What are the current real estate trends in Gran Canaria? Are the property prices going up or are they going down? What are the property buyers looking for? To determine the correct price of your property you must have access to this information.

› Buyers are smarter than ever and are actively on the look out for a bargain in the Gran Canaria property market. If you price your home right out of the real estate market, your property will not stand a chance of getting sold.

 You must compare your home to properties that have SOLD and are similar to your property. This means that your next door neighbour that has had his home for sale for the last two years is not a good comparison!

 Get ahead of the competition: Other property sellers, and this is done primarily by pricing your home below the other properties for sale. Speak to a real estate agent in Gran Canaria who will explain why this is the way to go.

There are factors that add or detract from a homes value. Learn this and you are a step closer to price your property correctly. If you don´t have the time or tools for this, call us! We will help you in determining the right price for your home in Gran Canaria and work hard to sell it in the shortest time possible.



If you are selling your home in Gran Canaria, NOW  is a great time to take a good look at your property and imagine you are the buyer. What do you see? Is your home in the very best condition it can be? Can the property be improved with some minor tweaks and fixes? Now, more than ever, in today´s real estate market,  as it is harder to sell properties, it is very important to present your home in the best light possible if you want to stand a chance to sell it.

If you are selling your Gran Canaria property through an estate agent, he or she will most probably be very happy to give you some tips on what you can do to increase the appeal of you home. A real estate agent is constantly viewing houses for sale with customers and are up to date with the latest property trends and more importantly, knows what Gran Canaria home buyers looks for and likes to see when viewing a property. We hope these tips will help you in the sale process of your property in Gran Canaria and speed up the whole home selling transaction.


That is what the potential home buyer will first see. You only have a few seconds to make a good first impression on the buyer. And remember that first impressions count.  Is your property in tip top shape? Does your house look welcoming to a stranger who sees it for the first time?

 Paint the exterior if it is needed: peeling paint flakes looks unattractive and will sure be off-putting to the buyer.

 Clean and Polish every surface that can be polished: the post box, door handles, iron fence, etc. Make sure they sparkle and you are off to a good start!

 Prepare your garden: mow the lawn if needed, trim the bushes and care for your flowers. Store away bulky things that are an eyesore and leave the outside space as neat and tidy as possible with just the basics.

 Arrange the outside chairs and sun loungers in an inviting position: make the buyer imagine him or herself laying there lapping up the sunshine while enjoying a cool refreshing drink. Most people are not just buying a property, they are buying a lifestyle!

 If you have your own pool: clean it well. Leaves and unidentified objects floating around do not look good!


Take some time to walk around your house and try to see it as if it was the first time. Is it too cluttered? Are there many personal belongings in your home?  It is advisable to de-personalise your property for the sale. Store away your personal belongings such as photographs, etc. The less stuff inside, the better. You want your potential buyers to imagine themselves living there with their own things. Think of your home as a show house and prepare it as such. If you do your job well, it will not last long on the market.

 Freshly painted walls give a clean and tidy impression: you might love your lilac and purple walls but neutral colours make rooms larger and appeal to a much broader spectrum of buyers. White and off white are the best. They look clean and make the rooms appear much brighter and cheerful.

 Rearrange the furniture if needed: Strip your home down to the basics and store away surplus furniture. If you do not have a storage place, there are plenty of storage companies who can take care of your things until you move. Another cheaper option might be to rent a closed garage from someone for the time it takes to sell your home and move.

 Focus on the Kitchen: This is one of the most important rooms in your house and the one home buyers looks at in most detail. Make sure it shines and sparkles. Store away bulky appliances that take up a lot of space and leave the countertop free. A dripping faucet will suggest worn out plumbing. Repair this or your offers will drop too. Nice clean towels in pretty colours will give your kitchen a cosy happy touch. A rug on the floor helps too, as does a vase of pretty flowers that will scent your kitchen at the same time.

 Bathrooms are important too: Nothing less than a spotlessly clean bathroom will do! If the shower curtain is mouldy it is time to replace it. A bath mat and fluffy colourful towels will give it the ultimate touch.

 Pay attention to details: Replace lightbulbs as necessary, fix or replace cracked floors and tiles, patch holes in the walls, and repair any water damage their might be in your house.   


A viewing of your house is a chance to sell. Make sure you make the best out of it! If you have followed the above steps your home should now be in the best condition it can be to cause a good impression on any home buyer.

 Show the potential buyers how bright and cheerful your property really is: by opening the curtains and the windows to let the fresh air in. Turn on the lights for additional brightness and coziness.

 Pets not Allowed: We know how much you love your dog or cat, but when it is time to show your home take them for a walk. You want the potential buyers to look at your house notget distracted by Fido or Mimi. All they will remember about your home is how cute your dog/cat was.  It could be worse, they could be allergic or scared of animals and if that is the case, they will not slowly walk through your home, they will run to get out as fast as possible. And there goes a potential buyer out of the door.

 Background music can give a soothing and calming sound: Make sure it is low and soft. Leave the rock music for when the buyers have left the house. Turn the TV off. You don´t want them to loose concentration by staring on the tv set as their favourite program is on!

 Smells can make or break a deal: Make sure the scents that wafts through your home is a pleasant one! Freshly baked bread and brewing coffee are smells that give your home that extra homely touch. 

 And Last but not Least: while your house is being shown by your estate agent it is better to leave him or her alone with the buyers. This will make the clients relax and able to talk freely to the agent who will know how to expertly handle the objections put forward by them.  The buyers might also feel like intruders if you and your family are around and will walk through the house in a hurry. This is not what we want! We wish them to feel at home and take their time in looking at every aspect of the house.

If you have any questions on how to stage your home for selling, do not hesitate in contacting us. We know what buyers want and can help you preparing your home for the sale.